It is only comparatively recently that commercial dog food has been available, beginning with dog biscuits in the 1800’s.
Commercial dog foods are generally made from various meats, cereals and soya beans with chemicals added to provide nutrients, colour, flavour and preservatives.

Low cost foods usually contain mainly plant protein rather than protein from animals. Plant protein is generally lower quality and less digestible than animal protein. Low cost foods can also contain undesirably high levels of some nutrients.

Identifying Food Allergies

Feed a novel food for 12 weeks (e.g. minced chicken meat & bone, and venison). If signs of allergy (e.g. generalized skin irritation) reduce, return to the original diet to see if it was the cause.

Venison For Dogs

Deer are one of the wolf’s most sought after prey and it seems that domestic dogs share this love. Dogs go crazy over Happypet’s venison treats!

In addition to being a favourite for dogs, New Zealand venison is an ethical food produced under high quality assurance programmes that protect animal welfare and the environment. Venison treats that are relished by dogs are generally made from parts of the deer that humans would otherwise waste.

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