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Benefits of chewing for dogs

Dogs have an urge to chew, which is strongest when they are puppies but carries on throughout life. Chewing exercises jaw muscles and helps scrape away dental plaque, and provides relief from irritated gums when puppies are teething. It also helps to relive boredom. When dogs chew animal parts such as bones and tendons they […]

Natural Diet for Cats

Domestic cats are true carnivores, with teeth designed for shearing flesh and bodies superbly adapted for hunting small animals. They are thought to be descended from the African wild cat, a desert animal. Wild and domesticated cats eat most parts of their prey, usually starting with the head, but usually leave the entrails (or “guts”). […]

About NZ Deer Velvet & Sinew

Mobility & Strength, Condition, Performance, Stamina Deer Velvet and Sinew has been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for centuries, for strength, health and mobility. Our Happypet Deer Velvet and Sinew tablets combine 3 natural deer products that provide natural glycosaminoglycans, anti-inflammatory substances, and a multitude of natural vitamins and minerals. Ideal for building up […]

Feeding your Elderly Pet

Longevity can be increased by proper nourishment in the latter years, as old pets are vulnerable to poor feeding. Low cost food is likely to supply only poor grade protein and may contain excesses of some nutrients. Old pets should be given highly palatable, digestible food, with reduced protein, phosphorous and sodium. It is recommended […]

Care Tips for Elderly Pets

Aged pets often become less agile and sometimes less attractive, just as people do in their old age. Many owners accept these natural consequences of ageing and accommodate them…sometimes making major changes to their own lifestyle to do so! Your pet’s twilight years provide you with the opportunity to repay them for all the enjoyment […]

Raw, Dried Treats for Healthy Pets

Most commercial pet foods are cooked at some stage in the manufacturing process. This destroys many of the nutrients naturally in the food, especially vitamins. Happypet’s venison treats are preserved without cooking. The tendon chews are air dried, while the other venison treats are freeze dried. To freeze dry meat, the product is frozen and […]

Tips for safe feeding of bones

Dogs and their ancestors have been chewing on bones for at least 65 million years (when primitive carnivorous mammals, Miacids, first appeared on Earth). Some supervision and common sense are required when feeding a bone to a dog: Dogs that swallow large chunks, or get diarrhea from bones, should not be fed them. Bones should […]


What is commercial dog food made from?

It is only comparatively recently that commercial dog food has been available, beginning with dog biscuits in the 1800’s. Commercial dog foods are generally made from various meats, cereals and soya beans with chemicals added to provide nutrients, colour, flavour and preservatives. Low cost foods usually contain mainly plant protein rather than protein from animals. […]