Benefits of chewing for dogs

Dogs have an urge to chew, which is strongest when they are puppies but carries on throughout life. Chewing exercises jaw muscles and helps scrape away dental plaque, and provides relief from irritated gums when puppies are teething. It also helps to relive boredom. When dogs chew animal parts such as bones and tendons they also gain natural nutrients.

Providing something for your dog to chew on is an important part of dog care. Feeding appropriate chews allows you to manage this behaviour and satisfy the dog. Otherwise items such as shoes, kid’s toys and furniture are likely to be targeted, which is both annoying and creates a risk to the dog from poisoning and injury.

To manage chewing, we have found that providing a “toybox” containing the things the dog is allowed to chew is very effective. Play with the dog with these things and encourage him/her to fetch them from the box and chew them. If the dog chews something not from the box, gently tell him/her off, and direct them to the box where the right chewy things are.

Over the last 12 years Happypet has supplied vast numbers of deer tendon chews to dogs and puppies and had constant feedback that these are the very best chews of all. Dogs love them, they are clean to feed and they don’t splinter like a bone can. They are made of strong collagen fibres which supply natural protein for skin, tendons and muscle health, while also making a great job of cleaning teeth.

Your dog will most likely be very thankful for the treats and devise ways of letting you know he/she would like another one!