Benefits of NZ Deer Sinew

Particularly beneficial to elderly pets and hard-working dogs

This supplement is available as a food sprinkle or yummy tablet providing superior nutritional support that is natural and gentle for joints, tendons and overall good health.
Deer Sinew is cartilage and connective tissue, taken from a special part of the deer, between the hoof and hock. It contains natural glycosaminoglycans and is of great nutritional benefit to elderly pets and hard-working dogs.
In traditional Chinese medicine Deer Sinew is used by elderly people as a gentle, safe supplement for:

  • Joint and leg pain
  • Strengthening weak, aged limbs

It is also used for general good health at all ages. Pets enjoy the taste and quickly learn to line up for their deer sinew treat.
Our customers can’t stop sending us positive feedback. This is an exciting health product for pets.

About NZ Deer Velvet & Sinew

Mobility & Strength, Condition, Performance, Stamina

Deer Velvet and Sinew has been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for centuries, for strength, health and mobility.
Our Happypet Deer Velvet and Sinew tablets combine 3 natural deer products that provide natural glycosaminoglycans, anti-inflammatory substances, and a multitude of natural vitamins and minerals.

Ideal for building up to top condition, increasing stamina and aiding recovery after a physical challenge.
These tablets have had marked, rapid success in cats and dogs that are still young but have developed mobility problems.

Owners often report a dramatic increase in mobility, playfulness, vitality and overall health.